What is numerology?

Numerology is an ancient wisdom that is as useful today as it was thousands of years ago. Although the exact origin of numerology is unknown, Greek philosopher Pythagoras is often credited for modern day numerology. He explored the concepts behind numbers as he believed that everything in the universe could be expressed in numbers. Numerology is a metaphysical science similar to astrology.
How does numerology work?
A numerology chart is prepared by converting the letters in your name and your date of birth into a series of numbers that Paola refers to as Life Numbers. Every number in the chart holds a specific vibration or personality that predicts the type of people, experiences, opportunities, and challenges you will attract. Your chart tells the story of your life – past, present and future, and gives insight about your character, strengths, weaknesses, natural talents and more.

How can numerology help me?
When you stray from your authentic self, life is more difficult, stressful and unfulfilling. The information hidden within your name and birthday can help you get your life back on track by knowing how and choosing to align with your true nature.

What can I expect during a reading?
Paola uses her Life Numbers Car Analogy© to explain in simple terms the information hidden within your numerology chart. Her focus is to help you to understand how numerology shows up in your everyday life. She highlights the numbers in your chart that cause issues and why, and suggests how to effectively use this knowledge and your freewill to make positive change in your life. 

What type of insight does numerology offer?
The information in your Life Numbers can become your GPS for life and provides guidance about every area of life.

Relationships – Your Life Numbers reveal your compatibility with others. Whether it’s your relationship with your spouse, child, friends or associates, your numbers reveal why you have drawn them into your life; why they appear challenging; and how to better handle them.

Health – Your numerology chart often highlights potential health issues that may arise. This awareness provides you the opportunity to take proactive and preventative steps. 

Business/Career – The numbers in your chart provide insight about the types of careers and business opportunities that are most suitable for your personality.

Decisions – Your numerology chart can help you to make decisions about when it’s best to buy a house, get married, launch a business, and much more.

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